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Craft Studios presents a contemporary take on crafting with fresh new video production, geared to reach audiences with a new attitude toward crafts. If your customers have been known to have paint in their hair, glitter on their face, a stash of rubber stamps, and know the exact location of their glue gun, then it might be safe to say…YOU ARE IN THE CRAFT BUSINESS!

So, if you are looking for a creative way to reach other hip crafters WITH YOUR OWN CRAFT VIDEOS, then load up your glue gun and hang out with Craft Studios producers/owners; Scott Wilkinson and Pattie Donham, aka Pattiewack! We make crafts happen, with over 15 years in the hobbies and crafts industry as we produce instructional videos and commercials that are made just for crafters!
We know CRAFTS!
Send us your product, vision, and budget needs and Craft Studios will produce your video project from start to finish. We will shoot, edit and produce broadcast quality video in-house. Whether it's a corporate, tradeshow, sales or instructional video, or a television commercial, we have the capabilities, equipment and talent to coordinate your production. Craft Studios will focus on keeping costs low and talent high with over 15 years of producing “Instructional”, “Promotional” and “How-to” videos for the crafting industry.
For more information, contact
Scott Wilkinson:
Call: 805-612-4600